Award-Winning Business Gifts

At Yummy Sales We've Created What We Like to Call "The Perfect Business Gift” - Wooden Gift Boxes Featuring Award-Winning BBQ Sauces, Salsas, and Hot Sauces. Each Gift Includes a Unique Recipe, Greeting Card, and American-Made Basswood Box - All Customizable With Your Company Logo!


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Yummy Sales' Wooden Gift Boxes are the best of both worlds in Business Gifting!


Amongst business gift recipients, consumable products are the favorite gift to receive. Unlike other consumable gifts, the gourmet BBQ Sauces and Salsas inside Yummy Gifts don’t vanish immediately- the versatile products live in kitchens and cabinets for entire grilling seasons or longer!


The Wooden Gift Box and included Recipe Card provide a permanent benefit also - both can be customized with your company logo. The box is a useful and functional gift in itself, that will remind your recipient of your company with each use. Additionally, the Recipe Card provides a great outlet for reigniting communication - “Have you tried out that recipe yet?”

Our Wooden Gift Boxes are a better gift than:


Pens and keychains are a nice gesture, but as a gift they're low-value and forgettable.


Well received by recipients, but no permanence and less value for future business.


Tee-shirts and hats are popular to give amongst companies, but recipients don't usually find wearables an exciting gift.


A dangerous gift in a business setting, and a bit of a social faux pas - it's not 1985!


Provide no permanence, and requires a time investment on the part of the gift giver.

Looking for an international business gift?


Yummy's Wooden Gift Boxes are the ultimate "Americana" product - created, designed and assembled in America, from American Basswood and filled with American products. What's more American than Barbecue Sauce?

Why send a business gift?

• Thank a Client for Their Business •

• Thank a Vendor for Their Hard Work •
• Leave a Lasting Impression with a Potential Customer •
• Incentivize an Employee or Manager •
• Show Appreciation for Support Staff •